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Turubari is a nature and adventure Park located in Turrubares, just 24 miles from Caldera Pier, 28 miles from Puntarenas Port and 31 miles from Jaco Beach. It also has an aerial tram that is use in order to enter and exit to the park. The nature tour includes a guided visit to the Iguana’s pond, a butterflies garden and trails in the rain forest, orchids and bromeliad gardens, countryside farm with the exhibit of a sugar mill pulled by oxen and an old indigenous residence. This nature tour includes also a visit to a natural maze, and a crocodiles breeding pond, among others.

Tour option:

Nature tour: you are going to enjoy hiking with a naturalist guide by 3 km. You can see butterflies, iguanas, crocodiles and deers. This tour has an approximate duration for 3 hours and can do it children for 6 year old.

Canopy: Once all of your questions are answered, we can begin this exciting adventure. We will arrive to the first platform, there the guides will go over the security instructions again with every person, they will also check that the equipment is safely place and they will tell you everything about this zip line. Everything is ready; we can now zip through our first zip line. The total tour has 8 cables and two hanging bride, this tour has an approximate duration for 1 hour and can do it children for 6 year old.

Superman: you have the opportunity to enjoy the landscape and the beautiful nature flying like “superman” for 1 minute until 60 km/h. The long zip lines is 1 km and can do it children for 10 years old.

Horse riding: you are going to enjoy the beautiful nature and a variety of plantations. This tour has an approximate duration for 1 hour and can do it children for 10 year old.


Salad bar
Natural drink

And you can choose between:

2 differents types of rice
2 differents types of beans
3 differents types of meat
3 differents types of picadillo (without meat)


• Comfortable shoes
• Comfortable clothes
• Camara
• Sun glasses
• Cap
• Aditional money

• Transportation
• Bilingual guide
• Cableway
• 2 or 3 tour options.
• Lunch

With 2 activities: $120
With 3 activities: $145

Valid from may 1, 2017 to november 30, 2018



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