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The first Rain Forest Aerial Tram ever built takes you over an expansive private nature preserve on Costa Rica's Atlantic Coast. Located 50 minutes from San José, our capital city, we are a sanctuary which shelters an eco-tourism and research park unlike any in the world... we are talking about the Rain Forest Aerial Tram – Atlantic.

The Rain Forest Aerial Tram – Atlantic is a 475-hectare (1,200-acre) private reserve, it shares a 10 km border with Braulio Carrillo National Park and constitutes a buffer zone between the park and farming lands.

The park´s multiple gateways take you to each unique rainforest dimension: flights above the canopy treetop, guided nature hikes for all levels of physical ability, a snake exhibit (with more than 10 reptile species), a multi-colored Frog and Butterfly Garden, bird watching and opportunities to overnight at the Rain Forest Lodge whose walls all but blend right into the forest.

It takes an hour and 20 minutes, during which you’ll glide pleasantly through the treetops.

• This is an extraordinary opportunity to see a primary forest and its natural splendor at first hand. The open-air gondolas with canvas awnings seat 6 passengers and a naturalist guide.

• We show our guests all the different layers of the rainforest, from the floor to the treetops.
The canopy is home to an enormous amount of flora and fauna.

Eager to find light and space, many plants have colonized the treetops, turning them into small, independently functioning ecosystems.

Colorful tropical flowers, fascinating plants and trees are quite common, and you will learn how they work together to form a complete ecosystem.

The Aerial Tram tour covers a distance of 2.6 kilometers through primary rainforest. The ride lasts about an hour and twenty minutes and travels at the leisurely pace of two kilometers per hour, allowing you the chance to fully explore this exciting part of the forest.



Daily from San Jose
from 7am to 6pm

• Transportation
• Lunch
• Digital Presentation
• Park Entrance
• Bilingual Guide

Valid until September 30, 2017.


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